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Many of our customers choose to have the factory applied stain resistance renewed when they have their carpet or upholstery cleaned. The stain resistance wears off with vacuuming and traffic.

DM Carpet Cleaning protectant is co-applied with our cleaning process to better coat the fibers. This provides you with a “Chance” to remove spots and spills before they become permanent. It’s a good way to protect one of the more expensive investments in your home.

It can be difficult to keep the carpet or upholstery clean because of young children that may spill and pets that can track in dirt and mud from the outside. In addition to cleaning up those spills and mud prints,  our technician can apply a protectant that will make these situations easier for you to clean up between professional cleanings . By doing this, you can enjoy your carpet and upholstery for years to come.

Our protectant is extremely durable and provides excellent protection against wet and dry soiling.

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